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Jemima King (Halton UK), Buckinghamshire performance coach of the year

Jemima King of Halton UK has been named Performance Coach of the Year (Buckinghamshire, 2015). Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio, she discusses her year, her career, her thoughts about coaching, and Halton. Oh, and at the same ceremony, Halton UK was named Buckinghamshire Club of the Year (all sports).

2 years ago

Podcast: Dominic King – Tennis from an S&C Coach’s Point of View

Dominic King, Head of Athlete Development at Halton Tennis Centre was recently featured on The Adam Blicher Show, Dissecting High Performance in Tennis. A link to the podcast can be found below, to listen to in your chosen format. In it, Dom discusses a range of different topics such as the demands of tennis, injuries, periodisation ideas for tennis, early vs late specialisation, S&C for Youth population and a whole lot more.

Podcast (link)
3 years ago

ITPA Master Tennis Performance Specialist certification workshop, Atlanta, Georgia (Dom King, Halton UK)

Dom King, Head of Athlete Development at Halton Tennis Centre, has recently been to Atlanta, Georgia, attending the Master Tennis Performance Specialist certification workshop with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA). Here is his review.

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3 years ago

'It's a long journey' - Why we complete a physical training block (Howard Green, Bolton Arena)

The average age of the Top 20 players in the world are 26 and 25 years old for men and women respectively. That is a 15-20 year development period, from starting at mini-red to playing at the top level. In order to achieve this, it is vitally important the players’ programmes are balanced between technical, tactical, psychological and physical. To be successful in achieving the athletic development required, consecutive and consistent physical training is needed. Additionally, best results will be achieved without the conflicting energy and recovery demands of tennis training.

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3 years ago

Gosling Tennis announces partnership with Team 5

Team 5 is "an alliance of the top 5 tennis academies throughout Great Britain that have come together to “share resources, knowledge and expertise to bring on the next generation of players” ... Gosling Tennis Academy are really pleased to be part of it and are going to increase players' opportunities even further."

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3 years ago

Halton UK announces partnership with Team 5 Tennis

In July 2015, Halton joined forces with Bath, Bolton, Gosling & Nottingham Performance Centres to create a pioneering new performance partnership - Team 5 Tennis. Our aim is to create more British Winners on the international stage across all age groups, at lower costs. We'll do this by sharing resources and expertise and collaborating off court as well as competing on court. We believe we can achieve significantly better results together.

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We believe that in order to meet the challenges presented by tennis at International level, the fragmented UK academy system needs to integrate or it will continue to get the same results it has always got (the definition of insanity!).

Historically we have ferociously competed against each other; in future we are going to ferociously collaborate with each other!

Learn more about Team5 Tennis

Team 5 Tennis is an alliance of top UK tennis academies listed here. Contact any of the centres for more information about Team 5.